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Early 20th century oversized Railroad nail tampers


These are neat to have around for an extra tamper - these are oversized railroad nails just over 2.5" inches long and hefty! Each one is numbered on the front, and they are new / have not been hammered. This lot has numbers from the mid 20's to around 60. I can TRY to send you the number youd like but I cant guarantee it! There are several around the 40s and 50s. If I dont see a note with a number request Ill throw the first one I grab in your box. (I have weeded out all the defects, so everyone will get one in good condition...and if you are still reading ~ if you dont request a number ill throw in a second slightly defected nail in for free until those runout. It may be a tad bent or smaller in size).

20th Century Railroad nail numbered tampers


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