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Ravenwood Fine Provisions

"Hobbit's Leaf" cherry / vanilla aromatic (think Cheerwine cherry, not cough syrup!)


My take on the old classic! Lets face it, at one time or another we all wish we were sitting barefoot at the bast of a tree, in the cool grass, puffing away and watching the clouds go by. Using the now discontinued Lane Limited Dark Red which has a deeper cherry note with a touch of chocolate as opposed to the traditional "cough syrup" cherry taste.  I add a few other components to create this classic mixture. Light velvety cherry, mellow vanilla, and a hint of cocoa with a sweet room note. Flavor that lasts to the end of the bowl, and stays lit. I have about 11 pounds of Dark Red, so this initial version will be around until it runs out. Remember Lane Limited Vanilla Black cavendish? Me too, and Im sad its gone also. 


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Bulk Aro ~ Ravenwood Fine Provisions "Hobbit's Leaf" aromatic