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I wanted to add a few bits of info to anyone who visits the site. 


1. Buyer satisfaction is paramount - if for any reason you have an issue with an order, a tin, a pipe, or a blend of mine whether it didnt live up to your expectations, or tasted off, or XYZ - PLEASE send me a message, I want to hear about it good or bad so I can correct it. 


2. Shipping is now a flat $5.85 and free over $125.  Also Im switching up my releases now that most are buying more than one tin, so the price on the site for future releases will be just the price of the tin, without shipping. I was refunding too many shipping costs for extra tins! 


3. Samples?! YES! In most existing brick and mortar stores you can always help yourself to a little sample of a blend.  There was a time when online shops would send samples as well, but it seems (at least in my experience) this practice has ended.  Well not anymore, If you want a sample of one of the Ravenwood blends, just ask or add in the "notes" section when checking out with your order. Ill happily send samples of anything I have in stock. 


4. Freebies? Oh yeah. I appreciate all orders and I try to throw in extras in every one. If you have ordered something over the last couple months you would have gotten a small aluminum travel jar.  I try to add one with every new shopper to the site. If I get a big order, Ill try to throw you something nice! 


5. Want to tweak one of my blends? If you order 250g or more Ill tweak the blend how you like, more or less sweetness, more or less latakia, etc. Message me to work it out! 


6. Like it in the tin? If you want more tins of a certain blend as opposed to bulk, just message me, I MIGHT be able to  accomodate depending on the timing. 


7.  Like one of the briars but want to strike a deal? Message me with a REASONABLE offer.  Lets haggle. 

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