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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

We plan on listing new items here and there so there will be times when a pipesman might want to order just one item, for that we have an option for first class shipping for one item. You shouldn't have to pay priority rates for a single item! With that said, domestic shipping cost is 3.95 for one item or $8.50 for 2 or more items. 


INTERNATIONAL shipping is available, but arrangements will be made after items have been purchased. We will need to get the buyers address and weigh the package to determine cost options. We will DO everything I can to make international shipping easy and without delays in customs etc. TBF and the buyer can work that out. 

Return & Exchange Policy

 Returns for tins are generally not accepted, however if a buyer has a valid reason why they think a return should be made, The Briar Fellowship is open to hearing them out. We are pipe smokers ourselves of course and only want the most pleasant shopping experience for our brothers and sisters!  

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